IT Infrastructure Maintenance for Adform

Adform is one of the world's largest private and independent advertising technology companies. From traditional ads to emerging mediums, Adform delivers the tools advertisers need to combine data with powerful creative formats. These are brought to life via precise and efficient real-time trading, enabling premium advertising across any device at any time.

To help Adform on its mission to deliver the technology that enables an open internet, BAIP specialists carry out maintenance and management of Adform servers in Lithuania and Denmark. BAIP ensures server maintenance 24/7, their uptime and recovery within the approved Service Level Agreement (SLA).

To ensure the quality and timely delivery of these services BAIP’s methodology CIMF (Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Framework) is used. CIMF was specifically designed to provide IT infrastructure maintenance, development and availability services on a highly reliable and professional level.

In addition to the server maintenance, BAIP provides “supply management” service – were BAIP specialists manage existing server expansion supplies and forecast future needs.