Waste Management Planning System (WAMPS) development in Sweden

Founded jointly by the Swedish government and the Swedish business sector in 1966, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is Sweden’s first and oldest environmental research institute. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute works with applied research and on commission to promote ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable growth within business and society at large.

Algoritmu sistemos worked with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on a project RECO Baltic 21 Tech – Towards Sustainbale Waste Management in the Baltic Sea Region. Algoritmu sistemos was responsible for the development and delivery of the Waste Management Planning System (WAMPS).

The information system enables planning, modelling and implementing waste management scenarios. The tool allows municipal and regional governments to compare different waste management scenarios and select the most economical one.

The WAMPS developed by Algoritmu Sistemos is now used by project partner organisations in 8 countries: Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.