Since 1989, our companies have been helping public and private sector organisations to digitise their services, optimise their IT resources and ensure their critical IT availability at all times.

Novian is a group of IT services and software companies Novian, BAIP, Acena, Algoritmų sistemos and Andmevara.

We also cooperate with NRD Cyber Security and Etronika - companies, specializing in Cyber Security and FinTech - to provide our clients with truly holistic solutions. 

All of the companies are managed by INVL Technology - a Nasdaq Vilnius listed (INC1L) closed-end investment company which invests in IT businesses.

We deliver the full-range of IT solutions to our customers in Estonia, Lithuania and the Nordics.

We are proud of our achievements in the fields of national and regional tax administration, e-health and national health insurance, national and regional waste management, digitization of historical documents, critical IT infrastructure architecture and resilience, automation, and voice-controlled information systems, among other. We work with both proprietary and open source platforms.

Our companies are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001. Additionally they use the ITIL methodology and ISKE.

Everyone experiences various situations. For me it is most important that BAIP specialists SOLVE. If they are not sure how – they search for a solution, take their time but they SOLVE.
— Tomas Kriščiūnas, Managing Director of Archyvų sistemos in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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